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We offer three products for all your diesel blend needs. Take a look at our products in order to see which product is best suited for your engine or generator.

Biofuel &
Biodiesel Blends
About us

Bahamas Sustainable Fuels is a partnership between 700 Islands Energy and Bahamas Waste. We produce Biodiesel, an economic biofuel, that can be blended with or replace diesel fuels and are the largest refinery in the Caribbean. Our mission is to locally produce and distribute high-quality Biodiesel for use as renewable fuel for transportation and power generation. We strive to help businesses and homeowners become less reliant on imported diesel and help lower the cost of doing business.


Want to learn more about how your business or household can make the switch to biodiesel? Do you need a human to explain it to you in person?

Call or email us today to arrange a meeting or a site visit and get to know our team!

For General Inquiries:

Scott Metcalf

General Manager


C: (242) 808-2735

Barnardo Mackey

Operations Manager


C: (242) 818-0792

For Accounts Inquiries:


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